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Ever since I was a small child Marco Polo’s adventures captivated my imagination. I took my first flight in 1970 to Miami, Florida from NYC with a school friend, without our parents.  I was mesmerized by air travel and hooked for life.

A few years later in 1973 my world was rocked forever. I traveled to Europe on a teen tour for 9 weeks visiting The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, East Germany (Dresden), Austria and Denmark. I later spent a half year as a HS exchange student in Hamburg, Germany and decided that living abroad, discovering other cultures, nationalities and foreign lifestyles was something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. Not having national ties to my country of origin, the world was my oyster and I, a poster child for global citizenry.

In 1977, as a music journalist, I had the opportunity to tour Japan’s major cities with KISS, as part of a 10 person press junket. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto and countless smaller towns left an indelible impression upon me. So much so, I returned, and stayed in Japan for 6 years.

Fast forward to the 90s. I ventured further afield and lived in Sweden, Switzerland, France and The Netherlands. In 2008 I returned Stateside, to my hometown of New York City to spend time with my ill mother in her last years. Eventually, I got up enough courage to move to the heartland. Earlier in life I had little interest to live anywhere in the USA.  That all changed when I took a road trip to Austin, Texas, in 2011. It’s yet another type of country. My 6th in fact and I’m proud to call it home.

I founded the pioneering publishing house Bopp Guides – America & Europe’s first digital content travel guide series on CD-ROM. I’ve contributed to the travel guide book series Explorer on Amsterdam and was travel lifestyle lead writer for Europe’s leading English language online news source I’ve been freelancing for magazines ever since the 70s and blogging since the late 90s.

Throughout my life I had the fleeting feeling of being an outsider, calling nowhere and everywhere my home. Now it’s different. I am home. Because I learned that life is both an adventure and inventure that begins and ends inside with us. We grow, change and become who we truly are through the people whose lives touch ours and the wondrous places we visit. When we feel at ease anywhere, with and within ourselves we have arrived.

Having visited over 600 cities in more than 30 countries, there’s still so much more to discover. I plan to travel for the rest of my life. My son, who is 16 at the time of this writing has racked up over 150,000 frequent flyer miles accompanying his itinerant mom. He too has the travel bug and urge to discover the world.

Join me on this ad-in-venturous discovery called life, art and beauty.

Muah to you too!

Elise Krentzel



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